Post: 29.03.2018

Title: Spatial Dynamics of Resistance

Category: Interior/Spatial

Spatial Dynamics of Resistance

“Indigenous self-determination has, over the last 30 years, manifested itself spatially in the neighbourhoods of Redfern and Waterloo. But, even so, this community has not withstood the incremental spatial inequality caused by creeping gentrification. From 30,000 strong to a small 300-400 people, the community is being quickly excised from their neighbourhood, oddly enough, while support and recognition for Indigenous rights is on the rise. How and why has this occurred, and what form is the resistance taking?”

Commissioned by guest Editor Keg De Souza for Runway Magazine, Joel Spring and Genevieve Murray wrote about the Spatial Dynamics of Resistance from their experience assisting the Waterloo Public Housing Action Group run the Future Planning Centre.

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