Post: 13.01.2014

Title: Design For Death

Category: Buildings

Design For Death

A shortlisted competition entry for Designboom this project extends the space for contemplation and connection with death beyond the confines of a cemetery or crematorium. A monumental and public ceremonial space is surrounded by a radial forest that extends its pattern of trees out into the city through the grid of streets. The two systems of organisation, the radial forest of trees and the grid of the city, intertwine and overlap providing a discord to the unchangeable and structured city streets.

Each citizen, when they are born, has a tree planted that is theirs. As the population grows so does a forest.  People are connected to their family, loved ones and their own mortality by the presence of and their relationship to their own tree.

When someone dies their tree is felled and the timber is used to build their coffin and provide timber to local charities for furniture. Their body is then returned back to the earth, and, then, again, when someone is born, a tree is once again planted in its place.

The cycle of life and death, connection and renewal is explored through the project.

Genevieve Murray design, concept, graphics
Liam Butt 3D imaging
Li Vern Li 3D rhino modelling